Dell Alienware M11x R3 Laptop Price and Availability

Like every year, renews the offer of the dedicated portable gaming products from Alienware, a company known for its innovative and powerful notebook that for some years and was acquired by Dell, another giant of the mobile sector, which is now all the effects of the gaming division. Today Alienware M11x R3 model is a best-seller in its category in its third release. The look remains the same and only slightly different from the image that characterizes aggressive Alienware products.

Lines are so tense and nervous, sharp edges, large backlit grids and in general a look halfway between fiction and the military, supplemented by black or red and the quality materials used, such as metal alloys a design like always very aggressive for the gamers. But what distinguishes the rest of the competition from Alienware are the hardware solutions adopted, cutting edge and uncompromising in terms of power and offer better performances, even at the expense of pure portability, featuring products such as Alienware desktops replacement notebook that real.

Thanks to advances in technology and the miniaturization of manufacturing processes may, however, Alienware notebooks now offer even represent a good compromise between portability and power. Alienware M11x for example, with its diagonal of only 11.6 inch, with its weight of 2.04 kg and its hardware equipment of last generation is able to offer all the power needed to make the most of the latest and most demanding titles in videogame a compact and portable, yet offers a range of some importance with 8 hours of work.

As said the 11.6-inch display is in 16:9 format with resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, LED backlight, while the processors are offered two, both dual-core micro-architecture based on the latest Intel Sandy Bridge: Intel Core i5-2537M 1.4 GHz (2.3 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost) with a TDP of only 17 W, or a more powerful Intel Core i7-2617M with the working frequency of 1.5 GHz (2.6 GHz with Turbo Boost) and a TDP more than 17 W. The 1333 MHz DDR3 RAM is present in industrial quantities, allowing up to 16 GB in dual channel, a quantity that certainly there will never suffer lag or slowdowns, both during games and during the course of other daily tasks, even very demanding applications such as video editing.

As for the video card, Alienware has chosen the NVIDIA GeForce 540M GT versions 1 or 2 GB of dedicated RAM. This is a fast-end mainstream processor core based on F108, a derivative of the original project Fermi optimized for laptops, with 96 pipelines, 128-bit bus and operating frequencies of 672 MHz core, 1344 MHz for the shader unit and 900 MHz for RAM. The GPU features support for DirectX 11 with Shader 5.0 and a number of interesting technologies. We find PureVideo HD for hardware decoding of video streams in full HD formats and Optimus, to switch between the dedicated card and the graphics processor integrated into the CPU depending on the type of workload required to maximize energy savings.

Support technologies such as CUDA and OpenCL DirectCompute 2.1, also allows to exploit the high parallelism of the GPU to perform calculations of various kinds in which the CPU would be considerably slower such as video encoding, but also the calculation of physical in games of last generation. Finally, the GeForce GT540M also supports the function Bitstream HD Audio (Blu-Ray) output via HDMI is not by chance that Alienware M11x is equipped with the latest HDMI 1.4a, can transmit simultaneously stream high-definition video and multichannel audio (up to 7.1) to an external display.

Alienware M11x can even be equipped with a traditional hard disk drives, in denominations of up to 750 GB and rotational speed of 7200 rpm or higher performance SSDs with a capacity of 500 GB. The operating systems that you can choose between Microsoft Windows Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate, all 64-bit obviously. The 8-cell battery and 63 watt should also ensure, as mentioned a range of up to 8 hours, obviously depending on the use of the laptop that will be selected and energy. Alienware M11x will be available shortly to the official base price of € 1049, a must for lovers of the game now who want to combine power and portability in a single product of its appeal.

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