May 122011

At D-Link providing complete networking solution to its customer has always been a key agenda for the company. So while D-Link now offers efficient & effective IP network camera’s, it also provides devices like Video encoders that help to incorporate existing analog CCTV cameras into a digital IP video security system. Thus, offering end-to-end Surveillance solution for its customers.

D-Link’s latest offering DVS-210-1 & DVS-310-1 Video encoders make it possible to integrate a pre-existing analog surveillance infrastructure into a fully-functional IP surveillance system. D-Link DVS-210-1 & DVS-310-1 Video encoders can stream digitized video over IP networks in the same way that an IP Camera can. Since both these devices use IP protocols, it can stream video over any network that IP can use, including via. a modem for access over phone or ISDN connection. So now with the use of a D-Link video encoder attached to an analog camera, the video from an existing surveillance system can be converted and networked into a new IP surveillance.

D-Link DVS-210-1 is a 1-channel MPEG-4 video encoder. While D-Link DVS-310-1 is a 1-channel H.264 video encoder & comes with a built-in 802.3af compliant power over Ethernet (PoE) module that eases the installation process.

Key Features:-

  • Digitalize technology – D-Link Video Encoder provides users with the opportunity to take advantage of many benefits that digital technology offers. It is perfect for installations where analog fixed cameras are to be used in an IP-based video surveillance system.
  • Cost Effective – One can keep his/her existing CCTV system and just add video encoder, thereby saving consumers from the trouble of upgrading to latest cameras. This is also what makes DVS-210-1 & DVS-310-1 an ideal choice for bank offices, airports, governmental, industrial buildings, traffic surveillance, and prisons. Essentially anywhere, where an analog surveillance system is already installed.
  • Reduces Risk – Video encoder can service each camera independently and save data to several different storage targets. Hence reduce the risk by using multiple storage targets.

Availability & Pricing:-

D-Link DVS-210-1 & DVS-310-1 Video encoders are currently available all across India at an MRP of Rs. 18,900/- & Rs. 23,100/- respectively. Both these products carry 1 year warranty.

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