Dec 032010

Digiarty Software today launched its new aims of developing Blu ray related software series, which include Blu-ray Copy Soft, Blu-ray Ripper and Blu ray Author. These Blu-ray products line is building for provides customers comprehensive service along with these Blu-ray fits. It is necessary to reminding users that, apart from qualified Blu-ray disc and high-fidelity Blu-ray Player, now it is time to get armed with Blu-ray Software on the desktop.

Surely computer users can also backup their Blu-ray disc to popular video files, and then share latest Hollywood Blockbusters with families or friends on HDTV and HD Media Player. Reliable and trustful Blu-ray Ripper software is what they need. It can not only help to convert Bluray to MP4, MOV, MKV to AVI, etc, for playback on Windows PC or Mac OS computer, but also transfer Blu-ray movie to Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sony PSP and whichever mobile devices.

Senior software reviewers also strongly recommend choosing MKV video as target backup format. By ripping Blu-ray to MKV, they can preserve the entire video/audio/subtitle tracks into one single MKV container file while with unperceivable quality lost. To achieve as high as 80% compression, they can RIP 50GB Blu-ray disc to LESS THAN 10GB MKV file which open green light to greatly occupied hard disc.

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