Jul 262011

When we start using a smartphones, we just fall in love with it for its amazing features and its use of high technology. But along with it, we also start complaining about a few things, first- it’s not that user friendly and second- it eats up a lot of power!

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Dec 052010

Improve Your Android Operating System’s Battery lifes

Set display brightness to adjust automatically. Turning down the brightness is obvious. But the automatic adjustment setting is less well known. Activating it means the OS will automatically dim its display in darker environments, including seemingly well-lit indoor rooms.

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Dec 032010

When I get this Sony VGP-BPS2C Battery, there is an operating instruction attached to the notebook computer. As a new battery, I am really concerned about its quality and usage time. So I read the instruction carefully. It says to calibrate the Sony VGP-BPS2 VGP-BPS2A Battery once a month. Its the first time that I heard about the calibration of laptop battery.

Like this Toshiba PA3399U-2BRS Battery, its lithium battery which sport a level meter, like an electronic fuel gauge. Windows Mobile uses the information from those readings to display remaining battery level of the laptop battery.

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Feb 252010

Installing Hidden Themes in Windows 7

Many of us doesn’t know that Windows 7 has hidden themes in it. On first start, Windows 7 requires the user to choose the language, time and currency format and keyboard type. That’s when the specific Aero themes are allocated according to the chosen language. The theme will be installed in accordance with the country that we choose. If we choose the US, Windows 7 will install US Theme.

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