Bethesda Provides New Details Of New Vegas Downloadable Content

Bethesda presents us with a press release more details of upcoming downloadable content packs for Fallout: New Vegas, that arrive during the coming months through the download platforms PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Honest Hearts, Old World and Lonesome Road Blues, will be a continuation of the history of Fallout: New Vegas.

Available from May 17 for Xbox 360 and Windows PC, and May 18 for PlayStation 3, Honest Hearts takes you on an expedition to the unspoiled wilderness of Zion National Park in Utah. Things get ugly when a band of Indians assailed your caravan. While looking for a way back to Mojave, you will be involved in a war between tribes and a clash between a missionary and the mysterious neo-canaanita Burning Man. Your decisions will determine the fate of Zion.

In Old World Blues, to be published in June, you will discover the origins of the monstrous mutations of Mojave, having become by chance in a guinea pig in a scientific experiment with disastrous end. Have to register research centers before the war, the Great Void in search of technology that your kidnappers revenge join forces with them to fight an even greater threat.

Lonesome Road, available in July, closes the circle of history of the messenger. Messenger will know the original six, a man named Ulysses who refused to deliver the platinum card at the beginning of New Vegas. In its transmission, Ulysses promises to explain why, but only if you accept one last job, which will take you to the depths of the canyons ravaged by Hurricane Divide, a landscape ravaged by earthquakes and mighty storms. The road is long and treacherous Divisoria, few have traveled, and none have returned.

Each of these packs will be priced at € 9.99 on the PlayStation Store, 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and 9.99 € on Steam and Direct2Drive.


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