Feb 242011

Atari reveals via press release the four components of the Ghostbusters team, reonavo its new downloadable video game Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime, which will be released next 23rd March  through respective digital platforms PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Although they have no experience, each plays a role in the team and together are able to eliminate the bad. Whatever it is what lies today in his first adventure as Ghostbusters, bring into it all their skills and courage.


It is practical and hardworking. You do not have much knowledge about the paranormal, but it is a very dedicated person to the team, the other know they can count on him to help them get up after being unconscious or to fight a mad ghost. It is also the team member who keeps his cool and always has a plan when things go wrong.


It is an optimistic scientist, with his positive view of things, it manages to keep high the morale of team. No ghost, no matter how big or too small, which is not to discover how to capture it. His studies of the paranormal will provide a small advantage. He uses his knowledge to help capture the strange beings with which the computer is located.


A girl to take up arms, with great determination and a tendency to make jokes at the expense of others. Like Alan, does not have any training in the paranormal, but it is a ghostbuster cream and is always in the frontline. Sometimes, his sense of humor causes the occasional friction, but when there is work to do, stop teasing.


A technology whiz who does not mind staining your hands when ghosts try to get too close. Following in the footsteps of Dr. Spengler, likes to learn about the profession of Ghostbusters and make your contribution to the team finding out more about the world of ghosts and developing their own technologies.

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