Jul 202011

Asus had earlier shown off its Xtion Pro and Wavi Xtion motion sensors at CES this year, and now now they’re already up with another updated model called as Xtion Pro Live. It will obviously favor both Windows and Linux-driven machines but also with that it will gel well with the original’s IR (infra-red) and depth sensors with a VGA webcam that kind of looks like Kinect. There is also a pair of microphones will make the whole package at $300 worth but it promises to deliver the ultimate gaming experience for that price tag.

This one differs with from an earlier version, the Xtion Pro, owing to the 640×480 camera to IR and depth of field sensors and the stereo microphones of course. ASUS has also created a web app store primarily with the intention to encourage development of software content for the device. It is believed that this will hit stores shortly but exact date is TBA.

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