Jun 112011

According to AppleInsider, the production of the new MacBook Air would be the next startup. A Concord Securities analyst reports that the Cupertino company had plans to build 380,000 units for the month of June.

The 11.6-inch models should represent 55% of total production. For the moment, our fellow Americans do not tip on a specific date for the commercialization of second generation MacBook Air.

However, the launch of Mac OS X Lion for the month of July suggests that Apple might take this opportunity to bring together the latest release of its operating system and updated version of its ultra-portable. For now, we have no official information about the technical configuration of the new MacBook Air, but the latest rumors indicate the presence of an Intel Sandy Bridge at low power and integration of the door Thunderbolt.

Although the launch of the new range was expected at WWDC 2011, last week, Apple has decided to slip the release of the MacBook Air a few months. No doubt the Apple ultra-portable, updated not only in hardware but also included in the software, will win new customers just in time for back-to-school. The latest release of Mac OS X Lion can be obtained through Mac App Stores, July 2011, with the price of 29.99 U.S. Dollars.

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