Jan 282011

As mentioned in previous reports, the tablet were the real stars of CES 2011. These devices owe their good fortune not only to comfort, design and integrated technologies, but also the operating system that manages them, Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The anticipation and curiosity about the future of Google Android OS has grown exponentially in recent weeks, so much so that the Mountain View company to release all the details on this platform dedicated to the tablet.

The CES 2011 has previewed many touchscreen tablet, some of them based on Android, and more specifically on Android 3.0 Honeycomb. In fact, Google had not officially presented its future operating system for tablet, content to present it in an informal and quick at the fair in Las Vegas. Nearing the final version, Google Android 3.0 has been revealed and outlined by the online search giant on the Android Developers Blog .

Intended for larger screens than those integrated into smartphones, the mobile OS provides an interface “holographic” even more customizable multitasking renewed, a new virtual keyboard and a system of copy-paste easy to manage. Android 3.0, compared to its predecessor, enhanced connectivity, allowing you to manage a number of accessories and peripherals through USB and Bluetooth (for tethering, for example). Some Android applications have been reviewed and adapted for use on a large screen as the browser, the photo gallery, calendar, contacts and messaging.

The news, however, are not just aesthetic. The developers will find new options to customize the interface and the widgets, better management ‘s acceleration and 2D/3D graphics support for multicore architectures. To conclude, note that Google announced the introduction of some elements of security, particularly those concerning the professional sector. To prepare for the arrival of the new mobile version of the OS, Google offers a few days ago a preview of the Android 3.0 SDK and updated development tools.

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