Apr 292011

Despite the inescapable presence of the ARM architecture in mobile products, AMD denies wanting to migrate from x86 to ARM soon for future processors shelves. If AMD can possibly envisage projects under ARM architecture, the depth is not ready to switch to that architecture and turning away from the x86 architecture.

It was John Taylor, marketing manager at AMD which states indicating that the foundry does not need to take an ARM license to the extent it has the know-how to develop processors on x86 tablet. The presence of a representative of ARM for a keynote at the next conference developers of AMD in June launched speculation about the possible migration of AMD x86 to ARM in order to address the processor market mobile.

AMD is still far away, even if its APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) go in the direction of integration into products increasingly nomadic (netbooks for starters). In January 2011, the surprise departure of its CEO, Dirk Meyer, was seen by observers as a consequence of the absence of AMD in the market for mobile processors, while others such as Nvidia have found a interesting growth opportunities.


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