Apr 222011

Altec Lansing, a manufacturer specializing in the field of audio designs of integrated solutions for major brand laptops, sets of speakers, headphones and docking stations has unveiled a new device called BXR132.

Sounds like not very meaningful to ordinary people, in fact hides a 2.1 audio system with subwoofer equipped with a speaker of 4 inches for the reproduction of bass and duo of satellites equipped with a loudspeaker 2 inches for the return of mid and high sounds.

It can be easily connected through a USB connection or a 3.5 mm connection, while its handling is done through the satellite controls on the left to adjust the overall volume and bass volume.

No information on output power and frequency response, but we doubt that it should be sold around a rate of 35 euros a backup option for sound to a small room as an office or room, not a device to shake the walls of the house and rouse the whole neighborhood.

BXR1321 kit should arrive soon on the shelves, its availability is in fact scheduled for the month of May.

Note finally, that a free version subwoofer is planned. It will reference BXR1320 and will be posted at 20 euros.

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